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This class introduces kids to the dynamic sport of gymnastics. We channel all that energy into an organized, structured program featuring the tumble track, floor, beam, trampoline and bars.

PRESCHOOL COMBO RED (ages 3-4)  and KINDER COMBO RED (ages 4-5)

This class is a very exciting combination of ballet and gymnastics. It is an hour long and it is split exactly in half so the kids can stay focused and have as much fun as possible.

PRESCHOOL COMBO BLUE (ages 3-4) and   KINDER COMBO BLUE (ages 4-5)

A combination of Hip Hop and Gymnastics, this class is an hour long and full of variety and exciting opportunities for the children move and explore.

Rise up recognizes that it is crucial for children to be introduced to the exciting world of sports at a very early age. For that reason, we have created a program, entirely dedicated to preschoolers and kindergartners. It's a unique blend of combo as well as single program classes, that helps them explore and find their own spot and decide where they fit best. Our preschool program is most importantly designed with the kids experience in mind, we strive to create a fun and exciting environment full of props, music and encouragement.

PRESCHOOL CLASSES (3-4 years of age)

KINDER CLASSES (4-5 years of age)