We are very excited to announce that the preparations for our Cirque du Rise Up Show had begun. EVERY ONE of our students is invited to perform - tumbling, gymnastics and dance. We will be starting to choreograph numbers immediately.

The show will be held on Saturday - June 27th, 2020 at the Performing Arts Center at Harper College in Palatine, IL. Final dress rehearsal will be held at the same venue on Friday - June 27th after 5pm. Recital times and Final Schedule of numbers for the rehearsal and show will be posted at the gym and studio, and emailed to everyone participating in advance.

There will be fees associated with being part of the show:

1. Recital fee.

3. Recital DVD - There will be no videotaping allowed at the show. However there will be a professional DVD (digital download) available for purchase.

4. Picture day. All gymnasts and dancers will have the opportunity to have their picture taken in a professional setting and in costume. Date is set for May 31st, 2020 at Rise Up Gym. Sign up forms will be available soon and you can indicate whether you'd like to order a group photo, individual or both.

5. Tickets for both shows can be purchased separately for $15. We will provide you with a link soon.

ALL our students are assumed to be participating in the show. Unless you specifically EMAIL us that you will not be able to attend, we will go ahead and start getting them measured  and ready, and will apply the charges to your account.

The charge for the Recital Fee will be posted to your account along with your February tuition. The charge for the Costume Fee will be posted along with your March tuition.

If for any reason you will not be able to make it, please EMAIL us ASAP, otherwise all charges will be applied to your account.